The Creation of a Nation: The Democratization of Bhutan

A letter to my people,

For me the year is currently 1952, I do not know what the year is for those of you reading this. In 1949, India had signed the Treaty of Peace and Friendship with Bhutan, which provided that India would not interfere in our internal affairs but that Bhutan would be guided by India in its foreign policy. Now that I am king, I plan on using this freedom to the fullest of my capabilities, and hope my predecessors do the same. Bhutan is ready for democratization, we must move past a full monarchical system. I know this may seem counter productive as I am a king, but even I am willing to put aside my own lust for power for the greater good of the bhutanese people. We are ready to create a new nation my friends.

-Jigme Dorji Wangchuck

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