jefferson’s cabinet

The United States has taken its first steps as a free nation and now faces the world with full force. Elected in 1800, Thomas Jefferson will work to forge the United States into a major contender on the world stage, and make the 19th century an American one. Stretching from the east coast to the Mississippi River in the west, the U.S. has already seen significant growth since 1778. Jefferson’s Cabinet will deal with the continued desire for growth of its people, as well as issues at home and abroad. In the Mediterranean, Barbary pirates are threatening American ships and trade; in France, Napoleon has declared himself Emperor, and the rest of Europe seems poised on the brink of war. England is still hostile to the colonies which they see as rightfully British, and the Spanish Empire to the south is weakening rapidly as royal conflict at home distracts the monarchy. How will the young United States navigate its way through this chaotic time? Jefferson’s hand-picked Cabinet will decide the fate of the United States as it enters the 19th century.

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