In the realm of covert operations, none has been more secretive than the elusive Committee of 40, also known formerly as the Committee of 303 and Special Group 5412. Little is publicly known still about the true inner workings and individuals within this organization, but it has immense influence and power, reviewing and approving every covert operation undertaken by the United States.

You, in the 40 Committee, will be directing U.S. policy to influence events in Chile. Your overall objective has been the strengthening and encouragement of civilian and military opponents of Marxist-leaning political leaders to prevent them from assuming power. Our previous actions seem to have had minimal effect on the situation in Chile, and now we have reached a crisis point.

On the eve of President Allende’s inauguration, it is up to you to ensure that his time in office is slim. The United States can not tolerate such values in our sphere of influence, and action must be taken to address these issues.

meet your staff


michelle qin, CHAIR

SAR ’21 Health Science / Minor: Business Administration


Douglas darrah, vice chair

CAS ’20 English


andrea gomez, crisis director

CAS ’21 Economics / Minor: Philosophy / Minor: Business Administration


colter schroer, assistant crisis director

CAS ’22 Architectural Studies / Minor: Sustainable Energy