Only two decades after the smoke from the American Revolution has cleared, the fledgling nation elects its third President: Thomas Jefferson. Vice President, Secretary of State, drafter of the Declaration of Independence, and renowned statesman, he leads the new nation into an era of expansion, scandal, and international strife that will come to define The United States for years to come.

His cabinet will face issues unprecedented by the Founding Fathers: with the expansion of the country coming into conflict with the Native Americans to the west, the Napoleonic Wars fermenting across the Atlantic, and the ailing Spanish Empire to the south, the United States is surrounded by conflict. However, amidst the conflict of the period there also lies tremendous promise for prosperity. New lands and opportunity, along with the fresh victory of the American Revolution, have energized the nation, ready to take on the world and establish itself as the sole democracy in an era of kings and emperors.

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CAS ’20 History of Art & Architecture / French Studies


Ryan pagois, vice chair

CAS / Pardee ’21 Environmental Analysis & Policy / International Relations


nada shalash, crisis director

CAS ’21 Economics / Minor: Computer Science


victoria calandrino, assistant crisis director

CAS / COM ’22 Political Science / Minor: Public Relations