Fall of the Song: The Court of Kublai Khan

To my loyal court and family,

It is almost time for a mongol victory. The song dynasty is on it’s last leg, we have already captured north China- now we move to unite the remainder. These are sure to be trying times, but I as your Khan stand firm. We will triumph. To my sons, you are all growing into fine warriors, and I hope you will make your father proud as the battles continue. To my advisors, your trusted wisdom has helped further this great empire, and I trust that this trend shall continue. Finally to my wife, Chabi, you are the most beloved Empress. Myself and the people of this empire continue to love you dearly. Your service will never be forgotten, and you shall always have my eternal gratitude. Unto the hands of our sons, I place the fate of this empire should tragedy strike. We ride together as one. We ride together as Mongols.

-Kublai Khan

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