the ohio gang

Ahh, the early 1900s, what a time to be rich and powerful. With the American Industrial Revolution comes explosive economic growth and nonexistent governmental oversight, giving rich business owners immense influence over both the economy and the government. During this time comes "strategic partnerships" between businessmen and politicians, until the two are virtually indistinguishable. One of the most influential groups of shady politicians, known as the "Ohio Gang," revolves around Warren G. Harding for 30 years as he ascends from Ohio state politician to President of the United States. Soon, each member possesses immense power, which many use for personal gain. However, their lie will soon unravel as multiple scandals (including the infamous Teapot Dome Scandal) come into the spotlight. How will the members of the Ohio Gang navigate the intricacies of corruption and politics, seize the highest office in the nation, build their personal fortunes, all while covering their tracks?

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