Reeling from the loss of the American Revolution and terrified of the events of their neighbor’s revolution on top of the attempted conquests of Napoleon, the King convenes his privy council and trusted advisors and merchants to discuss what the future holds for the British Empire.

Serve on behalf of his royal majesty as you are given the opportunity to help define the future conquests, discoveries, and achievements for Britain. But stay wary, for many across the world want to challenge your desire for global naval dominance and colonization, with enemies both within and outside.

Will you gather untold riches and glory for your homeland? Or will you succumb to greed and piracy? The tides await your future voyages.



azanta thakur, chair

SAR ’20 Health Science / Minor: Environmental Analysis & Policy


CAItlyn ackerman, vice chair

CAS ’21 Political Science / Minor: Earth & Environmental Sciences


branden alberts, CRISIS DIRECTOR

Pardee ’22 International Relations