For centuries, the Roman Catholic Church has ruled the hearts (and politics) of much of the known world. However, a movement spawned from the teachings of one upstart former monk named Martin Luther threatens to rip Europe from the Church’s iron grip. Only one group commands the power to put down this popular uprising: the Catholic Church’s religious and political elite, known collectively known as the Council of Cardinals.

Take your place at the head of the Catholic Church as they struggle to preserve their command over the people of Europe while dealing with a pre-occupied (and relatively useless) Pope.

Will the cardinals succeed in protecting the church from the heretics who seek to pollute the hearts (and politics) of Europe? Or will the church fall to ruin amid the internal struggles of its power-hungry elite? Prayers won’t be enough — it’s up to you to take action.

meet your staff


reid mcconnaughey, chair

CGS ’22 International Relations


victoria lopez, vice chair

CAS ’22 Behavioral Biology / Minor: International Relations



CAS ’20 Psychology


frank serpe, assistant crisis director

Pardee ’21 International Relations / Minor: Business Administration