Rock Against Racism (RAR)

Breaking News: David Bowie is fascist!  Last week the famous artist, speaking as The Thin White Duke, made statements that expressed support for fascism and perceived admiration for Adolf Hitler in several interviews. Bowie was quoted as saying: "Britain is ready for a fascist leader... I think Britain could benefit from a fascist leader. After all, fascism is really nationalism... I believe very strongly in fascism, people have always responded with greater efficiency under a regimental leadership." He was also quoted as saying: "Adolf Hitler was one of the first rock stars" and "You've got to have an extreme right front come up and sweep everything off its feet and tidy everything up." Bowie caused further controversy by allegedly making a Nazi salute while riding in a convertible, although Bowie has always strongly denied this, insisting that a photographer simply caught him in the middle of waving. Fans everywhere are in shock and only one question remains after all this controversy: what will Mr. Bowie’s young audience think?

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