What does it mean to staff BarMUN?

There are many different jobs that help a conference run smoothly. Read more about each one and apply to help staff BarMUN XI!



A member of the dais that moderates debate, keeps time, rules on points and motions, and enforces the parliamentary procedure. MUN experience is reccomended. 


Vice Chair

Vice Chairs help the Chair run debate and assists in all procedural matters. Vice Chairs may even chair at times if the Chair needs to leave the room. 

Crisis Director

CDs lead crisis room staff and manage committee arcs. They are in charge of the flow of committee, and all the crisis updates that make committee fun. MUN and Crisis experience is recommended. 


Assistant Crisis Director

ACDs help the Crisis Director in running committee. They also work with crisis staffers on how to respond to notes and handle individual arcs. 


Media Secretary

Media Secretaries work with the Chief Information Officer and Chief Internal Affairs Officer in helping photograph, document, and market BarMUN XI. Experience in photography and editing is preferred.


Crisis Staffer

Crisis Staffers work under the CD and ACD of a committee. They answer delegate notes, and help assist in crisis updates. No MUN experaince is required.


Operations Executive

Logistics staffers help handle logistical matters during conference weekend, and usually do many different jobs. 


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