Before Watergate, before Monica Lewinsky, there was Teapot. The original presidential snafu, the Teapot Dome Scandal exposes a culture of corruption that eventually topples an administration and disgraces a president. Yet, this scandal does more than just expose a corrupt politician: it also brings to light the exclusive club of politicians and businessmen known as the Ohio Gang, which, over several decades, has risen to control much of the American political sphere.

Follow President William G. Harding and his cronies as they rise through the ranks of American politics, only to face potential ruin as struggle for survival when all their lies come back to bite them.

Will the Ohio Gang survive their inevitable reckoning, or will they all fall from power in dramatic fashion? Their fate lies in your hands.

meet your staff


julia mullert, chair

CGS ’21 International Relations


kira milgrim, vice chair

ENG ’23 Biomedical Engineering


hans walker, crisis director

ENG ’21 Mechanical Engineering


maz ahmad, assistant crisis director