ukrainian missile crisis

On December 1, 1991, the red flag of the Soviet Union falls across the East. The people of Ukraine vote overwhelmingly for independence, with 90% of Ukrainians in favor. As the celebrations in Kiev and Crimea die down, the contingencies of independence become clear. The new nation must establish itself for the first time in over a century; leaders must be chosen and laws must be written. Backdropping the chaos and excitement are the Soviet weapons scattered throughout the country. Overnight the people of Ukraine have created the world's third largest nuclear power, and now they must decide how to move forward. With the West standing tall in a moment of indestructible glory and their not-so-old overlords to their East recouping from this great collapse, the world’s eyes have fallen on Kiev to see which direction they will go. Will Ukraine uphold the Non-Proliferation Treaty? Or will they maintain their nuclear weapons program and risk the possibility of becoming a rogue state? This committee, in charge of Ukraine’s transition from Soviet Socialist Republic to independent state, must answer all these questions and decide Ukraine’s fate in the 21st century.

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