As the red flag of the Soviet Union collapses across Eastern Europe, the people of Ukraine vote overwhelmingly in favor for independence. As celebrations in Kiev and Crimea die down, the contingencies of independence become overwhelming clear: a new Ukraine must establish its place in the international community.

Within laws to be written and leaders awaiting to be chosen lies a hidden problem in the midst of a victory for democracy. Overnight, the people of Ukraine have suddenly created the world’s third largest nuclear power and must now decide the direction in which they will head.

Will Ukraine now decide to either maintain the world order by abiding by the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty or will they choose to become a rogue state to take power in their own hands? As the dawn of the 21st century arises, the fate of Ukraine will be in your hands.

meet your staff


Nastia Kukunova, vice chair

Pardee ’20 International Relations / European Studies


elisa cifiello, crisis director

CAS ’20 International Relations


vanessa rodriguez, assistant crisis director

CAS ’22 Economics

not pictured:

Eve Worobel, Chair
CAS ’21 International Relations / Minor: French