The year is 1648, and nearly the entire European continent is beginning to survey the havoc wrought by one of the bloodiest wars in history: The Thirty Years War. However, lives and castles are not the only things ruined by this deadly conflict: winners and losers alike come to realize that without systemic change, the faults of the current structure of international politics will only lead to their inevitable destruction.

Join the European powers as they try to build an entirely new international system of power through a series of treaties that will eventually become known as the Peace of Westphalia. Keep in mind that while their decisions will shape international relations for centuries, the outcome of these negotiations will also decide the immediate balance of power, which may be a matter of life and death.

The military war is over, but the diplomatic battle has just begun. Will Europe survive the aftermath of the Thirty Years War, or will the continent fall to ruin once more? Europe awaits your decision.

meet your staff


stephany yipchoy, chair

CAS ’22 Economics / Computer Science / Minor: Statistics


muskaan khemani, vice chair

CAS / Pardee ’22 Environmental Analysis & Policy / International Relations


alex neumann, crisis director

CAS ’21 Computer Science / Minor: Holocaust, Genocide & Human Rights Studies

glo robinson, assistant crisis director

CGS ’22 Public Relations