BarMUN aims to maximize each delegate’s learning experience with inventive committees that have had a serious and significant impact on the world. With the right combination of ingenuity and creativity, our two tracks, Modern and Historical, give delegates the opportunity to affect international events in a massive way.


BarMUN represents a standard of excellence and creativity unparalleled at any other Model United Nations simulation. We provide thought-proviking, challenging committees that test the skills of even the greatest delegates. The multi-disciplined, fast paced, and interactive simulation truly sets us apart from the prototypical conference.


Our ultimate goal at BarMUN is to create an individualized experience in which every delegate has the power to change the world. We look to choose challenging committees that are conducive to creativity and delegate innovations. Above all, BarMUN is about your experience as a delegate and your ability to change the BarMUN world.


Boston University International Affairs Association

The Boston University International Affairs Association is an academic society focused on bringing a global perspective to the social sciences. We encourage and promote diplomacy, dialogue, and the understanding different cultures. As one of the largest and most active student groups on campus, we provide our members with unparalleled opportunities to get involved on campus and internationally. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, or drop by one of our weekly meetings and ask us in person. Additionally, please be sure to navigate our website to learn more about each of our programs. The Boston Area Model United Nations Conference is the collegiate conference hosted each October by Boston University’s International Affairs Association.


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Kaitlyn Perreault

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Gayathri Angou

Chargeé d’Affaires
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Raina Kadavil

Modern Crisis Coordinator
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Tal Dickstein

Historical Crisis Coordinator
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Hailey Payea

Chief Operations Officer
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Brittany Kinch

Chief International Affairs Officer
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Shreyash Goyal

Chief Finance Officer
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Isabelle Nguyen-Phuoc

Chief Information Officer

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