Our mission statement of "Professionalism, Inspiration, and Passion" serves to provide a truly unique conference experience for our delegates and staff, from committees to social events to accommodations, with utmost dedication and passion toward the MUN community.




Boston Area Model United Nations Conference

a BUIAA Conference


BarMUN is Boston University's Annual Model United Nation Conference. Held every fall, BarMUN is held on the campus of Boston University, situated in the heart of the city. Located on the Charles River, BU is only a 5 minute walk from Fenway Park, and 3 T stops from the Boston Common. BarMUN is a branch of the Boston University International Affairs Association (BUIAA), the largest student group on campus. In addition to BarMUN, BUIAA host a high school level conference in February, BosMUN, an undergraduate international affairs journal, the IR Review, an organization to help teach IR to high school students around Boston, Global Civics, and finally Boston University's own travel team. BarMUN XII will not only be a memorable experience for our delegates, but also for the staff helping make this conference come to life.

Committees Offered:

ECOSOC - BarMUN’s ECOSOCs are mid-sized committees that deal in a variety of topics from various international organizations typically.

Specialized - Specialized committees range in topics on an international scale, as well as a more localized scale. As a delegate, you can expect a heavy crisis aspect in our specialized committees, minus the crisis notes.

Crisis - Crisis committees have been the crux of BarMUN from the very beginning. We prioritize a smaller sized crisis committee with heavy involvement from staff and highly engaging topics.